odhcp6c to setup IPv6 for Online.net Dedi

odhcp6c from OpenWrt is used here to communicate with server while host is configured manually instead of by automated network configuration script.

Online.net implements DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation ( DHCPv6-PD ) and there are many tutorials using dhclient or dibbler-client to negotiate DHCPv6-PD with assigned DUID. They were either too complicated or not stable / reliable at all and might fail to provide the full prefix or to renew some time later.

Generally, a client program and a configuration script is needed to fulfill a complete request and the client program will invoke the configuration script whenever the DHCPv6 state changes. However, if the client program is not robust enough and fails then exits, it will invoke its script to flush the interface and all existing configuration be cleared.

odhcp6c is a good alternative.

To accomplish, configuration script is dismissed. Since odhcp6c has already been proved effective, interface address will be configured statically using ip command as well as routing table.

Install prerequisites

Download src and build

Start the client, replace prefix length, DUID, interface name respectively

Configure the interface manually, replace address, interface name respectively

Most importanly, whether FirewallD or ip6tables, DO NOT FORGET to open related UDP ports for DHCPv6.


Dec 17, 2014 @ 00:00

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