Solution to newly installed Windows 7 100% CPU usage and memory exhaustion

When Windows 7 SP1 gets newly installed, the system quickly reaches 100% CPU usage and the process svchost.exe takes up a lot of memory. It is attributed to wuauserv that relates to Windows Update.

It’s been several years since the release of Windows 7 SP1, wherein there has been accumulated bunches of updates & hotfixes. The originally shipped Windows 7 SP1 fails to handle them properly.

After searching and digging into many pages, it is ultimately solved by installing one single update KB3102810.

The steps of install it ( with admin privilege ) are:

  1. Download it from M$ in accordance with correct architecture
    ( Do not install it immediately )
  2. Open Windows Task Manager and Switch to Services Tab
  3. Drop down and find wuauserv, stop it by right clicking on it
  4. Install the update just downloaded in the first step
  5. Reboot and check for Windows Update again

There are 200+ updates to date. It is still of potential risk running out of disk space and memory when trying to patch them at once. Therefore, it is recommended that reboot every 50 updates.

Jan 9, 2017 @ 20:08

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