USB flash drive boot test on VirtualBox

VirtualBox does not support USB boot by default. But it is still useful to test on it for NOT requiring to reboot PC many times which might do a lot of harm.
There is a common way to map a USB rawdisk to a vmdk file by using VBoxManage command.

On Windows:

On Linux:

The vmdk file is then assigned as a hard disk to a virtual machine. However, keep in mind that each USB flash drive to be tested must get its own unique vmdk file.

Another Possible Way

It makes use of the feature that usb devices can be captured into the virtual machine and the powerful Plop Boot Manager. Download the manager as an iso file, assign to a virtual machine. Bootup and capture the desired device. An interface will be displayed to choose boot device from. Move down, select the USB option and it just works.



Oct 1, 2013 @ 00:00

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